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Image de Jared Rice

"Roxane is benevolent, grounded, and warm. Her massages and treatments are wonderful, deeply relaxing and vitalizing inner journeys.

Each time, all my tensions disappeared. I also loved participating in the various workshops for the body and the mind that she guides with great accuracy and generosity, in sharing and listening.

Thank you Roxane!"




"I had the chance to receive several treatments from Roxane and what happiness each time!

I liked his benevolence, his listening and his magical energy

Can't wait to start again."





"I definitely recommend Roxanne 'thank you for your care and meditations. That you did not give you are on top thank you for your sweetness and your kindness, I thank life for having put you on my way, I hope to see you soon."




"Wonderful meeting with Roxane during a fasting course. Whether through a yoga session or a massage, Roxane surrounds us with her benevolent energy, her heart wide open. A big thank you Roxane for your support and for the tick removed"


Image de Aziz Acharki

"Roxane, I discovered her 2 years ago for an energy treatment and plantar reflexology... Then I attended yoga workshops and themed workshops (in particular one on the chakras) and I tried to attend her yoga classes at the end of the morning as soon as I was free... all because I really like her way of teaching, of practicing, what she gives off and her kindness. is more than a recommendation: It is necessary to meet her"





"A real sister full of good advice, kindness and listening. Her care has done me a lot of good every time. She has the gift of feeling what will benefit you, trust her, you won't regret it! "




"Great practitioner! Roxane exudes a benevolent and gentle energy.

I was lucky to receive energy care from him! I felt invigorated and connected to myself even after the session.

I recommend."



"I met Roxanne during a week of fasting. I benefited from her skills in yoga and treatments/massages. I really appreciated his listening skills which allowed him to adapt to each one by proposing alternatives (restorative yoga), his gentleness and his benevolence. I therefore recommend her with pleasure and look forward to her proposals."


Image de kazuend

"Roxane has a presence and an energy that instantly soothes.

I had the chance to receive several treatments from Roxane and I can say that she had a beneficial effect on my life, especially from an emotional point of view. She is one of those encounters for which I feel deep gratitude.

Thank you Roxane"





"Roxane reconciled me with yoga and meditation. it is gentle and allowed me to work the muscles in depth and especially the concentration. a beautiful person."




"I recommend that you work with Roxanne, she personally helped me and allowed me to overcome certain trials that I couldn't manage to leave behind me and to understand things that until then had been completely vague...a warm recommendation!"


Image de Mohamed Nohassi

"I had the chance to experiment with a framework with Roxane. I was plagued by anxiety attacks and many doubts. I felt upset afterwards and then my anxieties subsided. Gentle and attentive practitioner, in addition to having an exciting career. Big recommendation!"


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