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Embody the power of the heart every day


What would it be like to experience   a life in which your greatest concern is to follow what is right for you at all times... freed from knowing why or how, you simply follow the messages of your heart moment by moment.

You have complete trust in life because you know it takes care of you.

You welcome the waves of human experience without resistance.


The path of the heart is an immersion thought as a portal of group transformation to make the transition from the area governed by the mind, the doing, the lack towards a new paradigm which is anchored  dans inner wisdom, being and abundance.


Together we will activate this power of Love so that it is infused into all the planes of our existence. United in our diversity, the group at the service of the individual.

  • Cultivate authentic spaces of expression with oneself and others.

  • Exploring the transformative dimensions of intuition, spontaneity and vulnerability in the inertia of co-creation

  • Integrate Heart connection tools into daily life

  • Discover the medicine of Cocoa, ancestral and visionary, as support for the energy of the heart.

  • Affirm one's sovereignty by opening up to the power of the Heart embodied in matter.

  • Embody my values of love with resilience




In a society that celebrates individualism, guiding the heart in life is a militant act. Putting yourself first, daring to vibrate at your unique frequency, and offering your authenticity are forms of spiritual activism.

When a person embodies their full potential, they inspire others to do the same, so by ripple effect, taking care of yourself is taking care of the world.

Resilience is a way of approaching life:   welcome what comes and put all your energy in the direction that suits us rather than against something that doesn't suit us.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world".



A presentation of some practices:

Cocoa Ceremony

Cocoa is a sacred plant of the Maya culture who drank it during shamanic rituals, it is the medicine plant of the heart and today its spirit is spreading throughout the world to spread its energy of unconditional love. Its intentional consumption in ceremonial quantities brings a feeling of openness, welcome and joy as well as a slight altered state of consciousness. It is a very beautiful plant to connect to one's heart and to that of others and to celebrate Life.

The cocoa we will share comes from Guatemala where we met last winter and where Jordan lives and created the social and ethical company Cacao Source. It is an honor for us travelers to share this cocoa in the country of our roots. 





It was when I left the city and my university course at Science Po in rural development in 2015   that I was able to fully embrace what life and nature had to offer me and which had always been deeply interested: healing through free self-expression and connection to Nature.

A few months after this decision, I joined the United Nomads horse caravan. During several years of adventures in particularly isolated regions of Central America with this tribe, I was able to explore the space of expression, the sacred clown, dance, music, naturopathy, food processing with low technologies and the magic of the elements integrated into my perception.

It was at the same time that I discovered the medicine of Mayan Cocoa and the isolated villages that still produce it. It had such a profound and rapid effect on my being that I understood that I had to devote myself entirely to it. Since I developed the Cacao Source project, we have been working for 3 years with various families of isolated producers and groups of Mayan women to put them in touch with Cocoa guardians all around the world. We offered multiple ceremonies, workshops and expeditions, related to the energy of heart expansion and the anchoring of personal development practices in the context of ecological and cultural transition.


Nomadic at heart, it is during my travels that I collect knowledge from the four corners of the globe. Life, the human being and the body have fascinated me since my youngest age and it is with endless curiosity that I immersed myself in the study of yoga, meditation, different energy practices and massage, in holistic health,   sacred sexuality, dance, trance processes and many other topics.

Lover of Life and freedom, I have at heart to accompany others to fully live the existence to which they aspire with authenticity, coherence and pleasure. My approach consists in opening immersive spaces in which the participants remain fully responsible for their transformation, for a smooth evolution each at their own pace.

I like to say that my heart leads the dance of my Life, no matter where it takes me. The inspiration for this immersion came to me on a beach in Mexico this winter while I was meditating facing the Pacific Ocean and I can't wait to see the magic that visited me that day be embodied in matter. with you.


Our haven of peace: 

Dojo Mas.png
5 Taillé vu du ciel.PNG

The villa, built on the heights of a virgin valley and

luxuriant, represents a true haven of peace. Rocks, oaks and birds will be your only neighbors. At the heart of the property, the valley hides at its bottom a magnificent river with still wild surroundings. While maintaining a colorful and warm atmosphere, this Provencal farmhouse offers great comfort and many amenities. The gardens and their various flowered terraces invite you to daydream. The large swimming pool refreshed by a waterfall and dominating the valley, gives the feeling of a small paradise.

  • A private luxury villa

  • Outdoor pool

  • calm and serenity in the middle of nature

  • indoor and outdoor practice space

  • shared rooms for 2 or 3 people

Vila Manouk,
Domaine du Taillé,

HDR_0001 3 zoom.jpg


  • Healthy, vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free and super gourmet meals

  • Possibility of adapting according to your diet (conditions to be seen together)

  • 3 meals a day and fruit and herbal teas available

  • Organic and seasonal products

  •   Our appointed chef

  • The opportunity for a light detox by avoiding refined foods,   coffee, alcohol, meat and dairy products... while enjoying yourself (promised _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_;) )

Laetitia, lifestyle & naturopathy advisor will be our chef during the stay.   Passionate about the link between emotions, food and health, she will make us  (re)discover healthy, vegetarian and tasty food which combines both raw and gently steamed.  Laetitia will delight our taste buds and take care of our vitality by offering us meals that combine pleasure, balance and colors in consciousness.




Early Bird rate (valid until 11/07)

  • 880€ for Immersion alone

  • 330€ for the celebration alone

  • 1100€ for the full week


From July 11

  •  980€ for Immersion only

  •  380€ for the celebration alone

  •  1299€ for the full week



Support rate: you would like to participate but do not have the necessary financial resources. Send us a message to explain your project and we will see the possibilities together. 1 place available on selection.

Prizes are chosen in the spirit of fair exchange among all so that you can receive a high quality experience. Participating in the Chemin du Coeur represents an investment in yourself, it is not just a "vacation", it is an immersion in a new field of possibilities during which many people work in symbiosis to offer you the best possible experience.

Arhes ≃30% (detailed at registration) non-refundable unless we have to postpone the retreat (covid or other) and you are not available for the new dates.

For a smooth payment possibility to pay in 4X free of charge with a PayPal account. You can also contact us so that we can see together for a payment spread.

Retreats are expensive experiences, not wishing to exclude anyone without compromising quality we   offer the possibility of participating in the course to 1 person at a very reduced rate  . Thus, by reserving your place you contribute to allowing this person to join the adventure.

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