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Events to come :


Past events :

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Here is the type of workshops that I can possibly offer.  If you wish to be kept informed,subscribe to my Newsletter


Organic Yoga

Since 2020 my practice has evolved towards a more organic yoga, infused with intuitive dance, free movement, somatic exploration and sometimes accompanied by music, writing and even vocal exploration.

Image de Adriana Aceves

free dance

Free dancing is a way to reconnect with your body. The goal is to let yourself be transported by music and let go of the mind.



Innerdance is a soft trance practice induced by music and sounds that make the consciousness travel to the rhythm of the brain waves that occur during a dream.


Sound relaxation

This relaxation is guided by bowls, chimes and other mediative instruments. Sound infuses deep into our bodies and informs each of our cells of its frequency. 

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also called Dream Yoga, is a guided relaxation practice that brings deep relaxation and a feeling of connection to our essence.

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