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Immersion in the heart of oneself
from June 21 to 26 in Mikinac (Drôme)



Take some time for yourself.

Feel fully in tune with yourself. 


Your ideas are clear and your mind calm. 


Share quality moments with people who share your values.

Stay in an ecological place in the heart of a forest and sleep in a cabin, a tipi or a dome for an intimate experience with nature. 

Practice yoga and meditation daily.


Discover unsuspected parts of your being.

Share, dance, meet, celebrate, create

What does it awaken in you? 

Weaving the human mycelium and taking its place in the web of Life.
Détente dans la nature



Want a moment out of time, out of current concerns to reconnect to the essential: yourself?

We are all affected differently by what is happening in the world these days. For many of us it is a time of questioning during which our beliefs are put to the test. The world is changing and we have to reassess our priorities. This kind of period can be destabilizing because a gap is created between our daily reality and our evolving aspirations. 

It is also a wonderful opportunity to come and question our choices, our habits and what we considernormalto bring more coherence into our lives. In my experience, being in tune with yourself, present in your body and listening to your needs allows you to harmonize your inner world with the outside. That's what brings that feeling of coherence, alignment, or connection. Whenwho I amis in resonance withmy environment, I am an integral part of my experience: I am no longer a spectator but an actor in my life. This feeling is in my opinion one of the keys to happiness, inner peace and self-fulfillment. 

With our current lifestyles it is very easy to escape from the present moment: social networks,   video games, almost permanent communication by telephone, access to an infinity of information at all times, the media, the ubiquitous advertising in the streets, on the radio, on television ... and the list could go on and on! Everything is done to distract us and draw our attention to things that are not essential to us at the expense of what is really important to us.

It is therefore increasingly valuable to cultivate practices that bring us back to ourselves in order to balance this dispersion. Return to a simpler life, more in thehere and now and refocus your attention on the present. From this anchoring with oneself, one can then open up to the world in a more authentic and fair way.

Do you sometimes have the feeling:​

  • to be out of step with what is happening, as if you are not completely part of it

  • to feel like an emptiness inside without explanation

  • to be overwhelmed by your obligations and to forget yourself

  • not really knowing what you like or want

  • not agreeing with what you are doing and not finding meaning in it

  • to find that everything is going too fast and that life is slipping away from you

If you answer yes to at least one of these statements, chances are that you are sometimes in dissociation with what you are experiencing.


Don't worry, it's very common, it's a protection system of our brain which when it finds itself faced with a situation which is complicated for it to manage, dissociates in order to be able to continue tolive normally. It is therefore quite healthy and a sign that your brain is working well, when it remains occasional...

The problem occurs when this protection system is triggered repeatedly and you end up confusing this stateoffline with the state of lifenormal. Stressful events, fear, insecurity, hyper-stimulation, a succession of contradictory information or even violence can trigger this kind of automatic reaction. You therefore understand that the current period is particularly favorable to this mechanism. 

In the long run you can feel the gap that widens, as if you were inobservationof his life rather than inexperience, without really having any influence. This can lead to withdrawal behaviors, addiction, exaggerated emotional reactions, a feeling of emptiness or depression. 

Each to different degrees we were able at least at one time to feel this process taking place. It's normal and part of life. I myself personally experience this mechanism commonly. The understanding of how it works and the implementation of practices allow me today to no longer remain "stuck" in this automatic mode. Over the years and on my various travels, I have had the chance to discover many practices that help to cultivatePresence,which I would describe as: fully experiencing what is happening in the moment.

We often talk about "being in the moment" in personal development and for me it is more a sensory experience than an intellectual concept.

We all have different "doors" to this state of presence, we can relate them to the different senses, which are many more than the 5 senses we usually refer to. The Connexion retreat has been designed to give you a taste of these moments of eternity with immersive practice spaces that will give you the keys to cultivating this state in your daily life, at your own pace. Far from dogma and "il  faut", it is a journey to the heart of yourself where you will learn to listen to yourself and meet your unique needs of the moment.


By cultivating this intimate relationship of trust and care with yourself, you will develop a better understanding of your inner alchemy and the means to find the balance to cross the waves of existence with more peace._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


During your stay, many activities will be offered to you to allow you to experience this connection with yourself:

Yoga and dance are fabulous practices forbe in your body. 

Meditation, yoga nidra and Innerdance immerse you in modified states of consciousness, a presence that is more energetic than physical.

Authentic communication and the notion of consent will question the way you define yourself.

Writing will give you space for introspection and projection.

Calm and nature will be the ideal supports to support this return to oneself.  

Finally, the cocoa ceremony will immerse you in the depths of yourself: in your heart (for the curious-its appointmentslowerwhere I tell you more about the program and the different activities)

The 6-day immersion in Mikinac is an invitation to dive into yourself, to meet from a new angle and to give yourself unconditional permission to be completely yourself. In this space everything is welcome: the bright and the darkest, what you are proud of and what you hide. Come as you Are! Together we will open a space of non-judgment, compassion and loving acceptance. Connection is a celebration of authentic expression, your uniqueness is a gift. 


In parallel with these self-centered times, Connexion will be a space for experimenting with what it isBe together. You will explore different practices to rethink your relationship and your communication in the community. 

It is sometimes complicated to find one's place in society: the role one takes or onewe are given in a group can be different from what we want. Knowing how to clearly communicate our thoughts with accuracy and authenticity is an art that few really master.


Whether in your family, professional or friendly relationships, you may be faced with misunderstandings from time to time? The person does not understand your intention and you end up disagreeing. Or to avoid conflicts you find yourself accepting things beyond your limits? Do you find it difficult to take a stand and express your thoughts? Or you sometimes have reactions emotions that seem out of proportion to you after the fact?

Except in special cases no one has ever taught you to communicate, you have certainly learned according to what could be seen around you, either by copy or by opposition. In our society, knowing how to express one's desires, needs, emotions,yes, hisno, knowing how to listen, talking about sensitive and painful subjects are not qualities put forward. We cannot say that it is naturally anchored in our interactions or in French culture. Yet it is very useful to know how to make the link with the other, to feel heard, understood, to know how to listen and put yourself in the place of the other, to know how to respect yourself by clearly marking your limits. . All this allows you to feel connected, authentic, in your place.


The experience of living together that we will share during Connection will be an opportunity to question your communication using non-violent and authentic communication tools, talking circles and guided exercises. We will put them into practice on a daily basis in order to make our exchanges more fluid and to encourage deep discussions and quality moments. Create a link and open up to others by talking about what is present for you rather than staying on surface topics, moreeasy, will open the door to lasting connections with the other people present. Starting from what is unique in everyone to express it in an authentic and respectful way, we will co-create a space of freedom to promote reliance and connection to the health of the group._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

From me to us...



Spending time in nature is re-harmonizing with the frequency of Life.


In our "modern" lifestyles we are cut off from nature, we have found many subterfuges to circumvent the natural cycles of life. It is very practical and allows us to accomplish things that were not possible before. From another point of view it also cuts us off from our "primary" state. We are very far from man in the wild and I don't think we should go back there, but taking breaks seems essential to me to stay in touch with our deep nature.

Connection will take place in Mikinac, a green setting in the heart of the woods where you will sleep in an ecological and unusual habitat (cabin, tipi or dome). It is a protected and alternative space and designed to cultivate the link between nature and humans. Everything is conducive to rejuvenation: the calm, the natural swimming pool, the simplicity of the different living spaces, the natural building materials... Thomas and the other inhabitants of Mikinac have chosen to live "off the grid", that is to say without access to electricity or water from the public network in order to create a place that is self-sufficient in energy. This refreshing setting, far from the city, will be conducive to digital detoxification: the use of the telephone will be kept to a minimum. In addition, Mikinac is a space with very few waves, electromagnetic waves are omnipresent in our daily lives: wifis, telephones, electricity meters and other "connected" objects emit waves continuously, which disrupts various functions of the body. Staying in the woods of Mikinac will therefore allow your nervous system to rest and regenerate in depth. A healthy nervous system makes it possible to approach existence with more peace of mind.

By spending time in nature, we re-tune ourselves to the natural rhythm of living things, this allows us to cultivate the feeling of being part of our environment. To be in harmony with the living is to vibrate at the highest possible frequency: that of Life itself.


During the immersion you will have many opportunities to discover or strengthen your connection to nature: learn to listen to the whispers of the forest, connect with the wisdom of the trees, do some wild picking, meditate to the sounds of the forest... You You will also have time to explore for yourself your unique relationship with the different elements during the practices as well as the free time arranged for this purpose. 


Connection is a 6-day immersion in the heart of the forest, it is a space conducive to meeting in a new light.

An immersion is between retreat and training, it is an immersive experience of techniques and practices that you will be invited to integrate into your life to adjust it to your image. There will be moments of rest and regeneration but also deep inner learnings and adjustments.

Connection is more than just a vacation, it's a bubble out of your daily life that will give you a new perspective on yourself and your connection with the world. You will feel an intimate connection with your essence, you will gain clarity, discover many practices to improve your life experience and meet other people with the same aspirations.

Unlike a training, the emphasis is on sensory experience, there is no specific goal or things to know when you start. Space is a container for your own exploration, practices are offered to you there as support but it is up to you to bring all your presence there to receive what you need: you remain autonomous in your evolution and nothing will be taxed. I do not dictate any dogma or absolute truth, my wish is to accompany you to discover yours so that you can embody your unique reality. So I don't pose as "knowing", I guide you through a process of exploration during which each step is an opportunity to evolve, it's up to you to appropriate them at your own pace. My role is to support you and offer you the best possible conditions and it is in this circular vision that I create the immersions.


Together we move forward, respecting our uniqueness and our differences that we value and put at the service of the collective. Being unique is a gift, we are not all made to accomplish the same things. We can move out of dependent relationships into interdependent relationships and fully take our place and offer the world our unique shade. 

We will begin on the day of the summer solstice, this date is not chosen at random since it is the symbol of the radiance, the plenitude and the celebration of Life. Immersion will therefore be an opportunity to come and embrace those parts of yourself that were waiting to reveal themselves and reap the fruits of all the seeds you have planted over time. 



In the program :

DAY 1  Summer Solstice

  • Arrival from 3 p.m.

  • 5 p.m. opening circle

  • meditation, intentions and card draw

  •   healthy dinner aperitif and meeting

  • yoga nidra, also called dream yoga, a grounding journey to soft landing


  • morning ritual organic yoga & breathing

  • breakfast

  • forest bathing and meditation in nature: resting, listening to the whispers of the forest

  • lunch break

  • authentic connection workshop, enter into communication in a fun and deep way

  • having dinner

  • evening: talking circle on alignment and authenticity with sharing of tools for emotional release and energy harmonization



  • morning ritual yoga & shaking & free movement: let the body express itself

  • breakfast

  • picking wild plants and culinary workshop

  • lunch break

  • assisted inner journey in soft trance: connect to your vital energy

  • having dinner

  • free evening (integration, reading, writing)

DAY 4 

  • morning ritual somatic writing

  • breakfast

  • group care: the community at the service of the individual

  • lunch break

  • time in nature, connecting to the wisdom of trees, intuitive dance & meditation awakening the senses: visiting the primary state in perfect harmony with its environment

  • having dinner

  • yoga nidra: receiving a message from the unconscious


​DAY 5


  • morning ritual: organic yoga & breath work

  •  breakfast

  • assisted inner journey in soft trance

  • lunch break

  • creation of a plant mandala and cocoa ceremony 


Integration Edition

  • dinner around the fire




  • create your own morning ritual tailored to your daily needs

  • Closing circle & love shower

  • Brunch

  • Departure


Morning ritual
The morning rituals will be sessions allowing you to experiment with various practices that you can make your own. The goal is to help you become independent in your morning routine. The practices will be invitations to be present, to listen to the language of your body and your needs. You will have the opportunity to do yoga, conscious breathing, free movement, meditation and writing by discovering how to combine them in order to have tools to build your ritualtailored.
What really gives me pleasure? Get out of the "shoulds", of the "shoulds" and come and reconnect fully with what puts you in the best vibration for the day. We are not robots, every morning we may want different things, not have the same availability of time, etc. but giving yourself a moment for yourself allows you to set the tone for the day and take care of yourself before the rest of the world.
I call this moment "ritual" because for me it is a way to honor our earthly temple: our body and to give ourselves the love we so need.

Enfant ' s Pose

Inner journey of soft trance
These trips follow the flow of Innerdance: a practice from the Philippines created by Pi Villaraza. A session begins lying down and with your eyes closed, using a specific playlist and intuitive facilitation you quickly dive into an altered state of consciousness in the depths of your inner world. You reconnect to your natural intuitive nature and your vital energy, beyond the mind and its limitations, in pure presence in the present moment.
Innerdance is not dancing although its name may suggest otherwise, you will be free to move if you wish like standing still. It is a hyper-presence trip, you are aware at all times and can interrupt the process if you wish.   This practice finds its power in gentleness: the more you relax, the more you will taste the delight of being.

Communicate with authenticity in connection with others
Throughout the stay, different spaces are planned to come and question the way we communicate. You will (re)discover different tools inspired by non-violent communication and authentic relationships in a playful and non-dogmatic way. Many of us want harmonious relationships, but sometimes for lack of tact, precision or because of fears, situations can weigh down or cost us emotionally. What if we could do otherwise? How does it feel to listen and be listened to, to clearly express one's desires and needs, one's "yes" and "no", while being fully received and accepted? ?There are other paths than what society considers "normal", we can free ourselves from this norm. Immersion is a benevolent human laboratory where we will explore together how to live deep, authentic, respectful relationships.


Dance and free movement
Dance as I propose it is first of all a listening to the body: beyond the beautiful, beyond what Ishoulddo, when I don'tdonothing, what's going on? Does my body stay still or does it start moving? What desires come to me? 
This dance is therefore first with oneself, there is no step to know, no rhythm to keep... just let it go...
No experience is necessary, here there is nogood or de Wrongdancers, norbeautifulmovement or movementugly
By giving your body permission to move without restriction, by observing where it takes you, you will circulate the life energy within you. Dance allows you to feel your body more intensely and to embody its essence in matter.

Cocoa Ceremony
Cocoa is a sacred plant of the Maya culture who drank it during shamanic rituals, it is the medicine plant of the heart and today its spirit is spreading throughout the world to spread its energy of unconditional love. Its intentional consumption in ceremonial quantities brings a feeling of openness, welcome and joy as well as a slight altered state of consciousness. It is a very beautiful plant to connect to one's heart and to that of others and to celebrate Life.   I brought back the cocoa we will drink from my last trip to Guatemala and I am honored to share this medicine from the magical place of Lake Atitlan in France, the country of my roots . 


The Mikinac green setting

  • Sleep in unusual accommodation: hut, teepee or dome

  • Discover a place autonomous in water and electricity

  • Participate in an ecological way of life in harmony with the living

  • Bathe in a natural pool

  • Live to the rhythm of nature in the middle of the forest


The Mikinac association welcomes us to the heart of the woods in Bren in the Drôme.

The "seed" of this place germinated in the head and heart of Thomas  : passionate about nature, he put trees at the heart of his life and his profession.

Mikinac was built by a group of friends who knew how to pool their dreams and their talents.

Thus,  Mikinac finds its "roots" in the humanist and ecological philosophy of its founding members as well as in the traditions of the natives of North America. The "sap" of these teachings is diffused there throughout the year by nourishing courses for the body, the heart and the spirit.

The association, like a tree, has blossomed and "The branches" continue to grow in the hearts of all those who have stayed there.



  • Healthy, vegetarian, gluten-free and super gourmet meals

  • Possibility of adapting according to your diet (conditions to be seen together)

  • 3 meals a day and fruit and herbal teas available

  • Organic and seasonal products

  •   Our appointed chef

  • The opportunity for a light detox by avoiding refined foods,   coffee, alcohol, meat and dairy products... while enjoying yourself (promised _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_;) )

marine ail des ours.jpg

Marine will be happy to delight our taste buds during Connection. A trained cook, she is also a mountain guide and has a passion for   dance, wild plants, and natural health in general.   So it's only natural that it be part of the experience. Gourmet in the plate as in life, Marine is super creative and loves to innovate according to her finds and the seasons. In addition to pampering our pucks, Marine will share her knowledge with us during a "gathering of wild plants" walk and will offer us a cooking workshop with the fruit of our pickings.



  • Early bird rate1000€ (reserved for the community *and valid until 06/06)


  • Price from June 6th 1200€


  • Support rate: you would like to participate but do not have the necessary financial resources. Send me a message to explain your project and we will see the possibilities together. 1 place available on selection.

What is included: supervision, 3 organic vegetarian meals per day, accommodation and access to common areas.

What is not included: your transport to Mikinac, your travel and cancellation insurance and any individual treatments.


Prizes are chosen in the spirit of fair exchange among all so that you can receive a high quality experience. Participating in Connexion represents an investment in yourself, it's not just a "vacation", it's an immersion in a new field of possibilities during which many people work in symbiosis to offer you the best possible experience.

For a smooth payment possibility to pay in 4X free of charge with a PayPal account. For other options contact me and we will see the possibilities together. 

Arhes 300€, non-refundable except in the event of cancellation or postponement on my part if you are not available on the new dates.


Retreats are expensive experiences, not wishing to exclude anyone without compromising quality I offer the possibility of participating in the course to 1 person at a very reduced rate  . Thus, by reserving your place you contribute to allowing this person to join the adventure.


*the Innerlight Community rate is reserved for people who follow the Innerlight page on Facebook or Instagram, are part of the Incare ta Réalité group or have become members on the site

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